Shirt Pressing and Folding Table


Shirt Pressing & Folding Table



  1. Pneumatically operated system that works like a robot and assists to press & fold jackets perfectly
  2. Gives much high productivity and quality
  3. Adjustable neck mould for different neck sizes and shapes
  4. Consists of aluminum gravity die casting disc supporting 5 CNC machined moulds with synchronized indexing and locking mechanism
  5. Automatic movement of stainless steel back plate, aided by pneumatic cylinder, ensures that the center of the neck/collar perfectly aligned with the buttons
  6. Button guard helps to place button in center line for giving a balanced fold
  7. Collar and lapel forming function to enhance their finish and shape
  8. Equipped with high quality and accurate thermostat
  9. Aluminum casted heaters
  10. Ergonomically designed with elegant look
  11. Two models available: automatic and manual


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