1. Electric and steam based model
  2. Wrinkle free Model with additional electric heating in the upper buck for anti wrinkle finishing.
  3. Fully automatic steam based machine with siemens microprocessor based available control panel with different programmable functions for different quality of cloth
  4. Several programs available and customized once can be set for steam,heat, pressure and time for various types of fabrics
  5. For ultra production with uniform quality of finishing Minimum labour required with best finishing results


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  1. The machine is desined on 100% steam base for even temperature.
  2. Normally after extraction the garment needs to be pressed long time by high pressure and even temperature.
  3. The high;y polished stainless steel head transfer heat evenly to produce a professional finished every time.
  4. The lower steam heat and vacuum system does not let the moiisturiser accumulate on the lower buck.
  5. The combination of steam heating head system on the top and steam vacuum heating system on the lower buck helps the garment to press repeatedly in short time.